If we're all living the same reality, why does realism mean different things to different people? Is an experiment still an experiment if the book is good? Joshua Cohen and Joseph McElroy read and discuss. Cohen is a Triple Canopy contributor and the author of the novels Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto (Fugue State Press, 2006) and A Heaven of Others (Starcherone Books, 2008). Witz, which tells the story of the last Jew, will be published in May by Dalkey Archive Press. McElroy is the author of nine novels, including A Smuggler's Bible, Hind's Kidnap, Ancient History: A Paraphrase, Lookout Cartridge, Plus, Women and Men, The Letter Left to Me, Actress in the House, and Cannonball (forthcoming). A volume of short fiction, Night Soul and Other Stories, will be published in the fall and a chapbook, Preparations for Search, in June.
  • Joseph McElroy is the author of nine novels, including Women and Men and Cannonball, as well as a forthcoming nonfiction book about water.
  • Joshua Cohen was born in New Jersey in 1980. He is the author of seven books, including Book of Numbers: A Novel, forthcoming in June.