Triple Canopy and Artists Space are pleased to present a screening of Tan Lin’s PowerPoint videos Bibliographic Sound Track and The Ph.D Sounds, with the former accompanied by a live perfume sound track, the latter by a DJ set by Mösco. The videos explore communications platforms such as Twitter, SMS, status updates, IM chats, programming languages, video-game walk-throughs, the couplet, and the PowerPoint slide as they affect reading and genre, projected in an environment that has absorbed everything next to it in the room—from bibliographies to the smell of wet sphagnum peat moss, the perfume Wet Pavement London, Glade air freshener, and the music of New Order and Lucky Dragons. The screening will be followed by a discussion between Lin, Triple Canopy contributing editor Dan Visel, and Artists Space curator Richard Birkett.
  • Tan Lin is the author, most recently, of 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking: and Insomnia and the Aunt. The recipient of a Getty Distinguished Scholar Grant and a Warhol Foundation/Creative Capital Arts Writing Grant to complete a book on the writings of Andy Warhol, he is also working on a novel called Our Feelings Were Made by Hand.
  • Dan Visel is a Triple Canopy contributing editor and researcher living in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Richard Birkett