In the first episode of On the Beach, two filmmakers, Peter and Dwight, seek props and direction in the aisles of a department store, the words of physicists overseeing the Large Hadron Collider echoing in their heads. On the Beach is a series of videos that considers the relationship between the technologies pushing us toward collapse and the apocalyptic scenarios we incessantly invent. In subsequent episodes, the filmmakers encounter the Crypt of Civilization, a time capsule of cultural artifacts opening in 8113 AD; they explore the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a “final backup” of seed samples from crops around the world, stored within the permafrost of an Arctic mountain.

Made to Be Found

by Frank Heath

Digital Project Published on May 26, 2015

Peter and Dwight stalk a department store as they struggle to gather materials and muster enthusiasm for a video shoot inspired by the wisdom of CERN physicists.

Starring Jesse Wakeman. Written by Frank Heath and Rob Slifkin. Special thanks to Saim Hyder and Christian Ohm at CERN, Maria and Giuseppe Fidecaro, and Anna at Kmart.

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