As part of the bazaar section of Art Berlin Contemporary, curated by Artists Space, Triple Canopy will present a selection of digital publications and printed matter. Among them will be three limited-edition handouts that graphically represent Alix Rule and David Levine's essay "International Art English," published in issue 16 of Triple Canopy's online magazine. Triple Canopy will also debut "International Art English" for the Kindle and ePub readers, along with a new version of the online magazine for tablet devices. Triple Canopy will be joined in the bazaar by such compatriots as Bidoun, Antonia Hirsch, Project Projects, Times Bar, Dial/Laid, Pro qm, PAN, and Common Room. Caleb Waldorf, Triple Canopy's creative director, will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate technologies, offer economic prognostications, and evaluate the International Art English of visitors.