Triple Canopy is pleased to present a mini-exhibition of an edition-in-progress by B. Wurtz at Printed Matter’s seventh annual NY Art Book Fair this weekend. History Works consists of three new sculptures accompanied by what Wurtz calls a “family of objects” collected or created by him over the decades—a rubber-band ball, a wooden skyscraper made as a child, a cat toy, a found brain coral on a handmade plinth. Wurtz’s sculptures are inspired by these objects and their stories. Together, they will be installed on a shelf at Triple Canopy’s booth. Later this fall, the sculptures will be available as part of a variable edition; each sculpture will be paired with a photograph that distorts the scale of the object or confounds perspective, echoing the artist’s seminal “Photo/Object” series. These photographs, in turn, will be informed by Wurtz’s project for Triple Canopy’s online magazine, in which each sculpture and object will be represented—however incompletely, or inaccurately—with digital tools, including a new video made with artist Stephen Prina.

Triple Canopy will also present recent print publications, among them the US debut of the second volume of Invalid Format, an archive of the magazine’s widespread publishing activities and a translation into print of projects that originally appeared in other forms; an offset edition of The Binder and the Server, Triple Canopy’s memoir of immaterial labor; a broadsheet version of the most recent issue of the online magazine, They Were Us; and the newsprint publication Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material, which transcribes a series of conversations held at the Museum of Modern Art in the spring.
  • Triple Canopy is a magazine based in New York.
  • B. Wurtz moved to New York in the mid-1980s after studying at the California Institute of the Arts and UC Berkeley. His work has been the subject of numerous one-person exhibitions and has been included in group shows throughout the US and Europe.