In the third episode of On the Beach, Peter attempts to decode a vision witnessed from a supermarket checkout line while grappling with an assignment to shoot the Svalbard Global Seed Vault: a “final backup” of seed samples from crops around the world, stored within the permafrost of an Arctic mountain. On the Beach is a series of videos that scrutinizes the technologies, structures, and fictions we build to preserve humanity in the event of cataclysm. In previous episodes, Peter and his fellow filmmaker, Dwight, descend into a massive underground storage facility and explore the world’s largest particle accelerator. The next episode focuses on the Crypt of Civilization, a time capsule of cultural artifacts set to open in 8113 AD.

Midnight Sun

by Frank Heath

Digital Project Published on June 7, 2018

Peter, hopelessly stranded in a supermarket checkout line, ruminates on his vision of a blast of Arctic light and on an attempt to preserve the world’s food supply.

Starring Jesse Wakeman. Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal at the Global Seed Vault, Bodil Kjelstrup, and Jérémie Michael McGowan.

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