CiCi Better CC Me

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Poet and writer Andrew Durbin reads his poem, “You Are My Ducati,” and speaks with Triple Canopy deputy editor Lucy Ives about contemporary poetry and prose, the lyric and the sublime, Ciara and Beyoncé, and why he does not own a motorcycle.

Durbin’s poem, “You Are My Ducati,” appears in Triple Canopy’s nineteenth issue, It Speaks of Others. Containing passages bathed in “creamsicle light,” as well as “an invisible rope / yanked taut between / impassable hours of leisure,” Durbin’s essayistic work moves between lineation and blocks of prose, from interwar Italy to a JCPenney in a dream to Wall Street in fall of 2011, exploring the meaning of R&B singer Ciara’s enigmatic pronouncement, “You are my Ducati,” in her 2010 song, “Ride.”