Some Minor Effects of Gravity

Listen to a recording of Some Minor Effects of Gravity, a public program examining animation both as a technique and as a state that may suddenly and surprisingly be assumed by seemingly inanimate things. The participants, Rosa Aiello and Kari Rittenbach, discuss the relationship between writing and animating, the juxtaposition of live-action footage and computer-generated imagery, and the emotional content of Blender physics simulations on YouTube.

+ panel audio-documentation

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With Rosa Aiello & Kari Rittenbach 7:00pm 155 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY $5, free for members

What happens when a body that by all rights should fall—e.g., the roadrunner escaping the coyote by hurtling across thin air—remains, in flagrant contradiction of the laws of physics, suspended? Artist Rosa Aiello and writer and curator Kari Rittenbach will examine how animation acts as a technique and as a state that may be suddenly and surprisingly assumed by seemingly inanimate things. They will explore the ways in which filmmakers lend matter agency, will, or activity by means of mechanical techniques and editing tricks that alternately reveal, conceal, amplify, and defy the grip of natural forces on persons as well as objects. How does the manipulation of these forces provide credibility to realms in which standard causality is perturbed, if not jettisoned entirely? The visceral effect of such works on the viewer, which may even lead to physical disorientation, is a tribute to the animator’s craft.

Aiello will read from her forthcoming digital project on computer-generated representations of physicality, affect, and liveliness, and the feelings these representations inspire. Then she and Rittenbach will screen film and video works by artists Bas Jan Ader, Hannah Black, Robert Breer, Ian Cheng, Judith Goddard, Alex Hubbard, Dina Kelberman, Nina Könnemann, David Lamelas, Maggie Lee, Rivane Neuenschwander and Cao Guimarães, James Richards, and Erwin Wurm, as well as a work by Aiello. The reading and screening will be followed by a discussion with Rittenbach and Aiello.

  • Rosa Aiello is an artist and writer. Her work has been exhibited and screened at the Modern Institute, Glasgow; the Showroom, London; and SculptureCenter, New York.
  • Kari Rittenbach has written for Afterall, Artforum, Art Papers, Frieze, Paper Monument, and Texte zur Kunst. She has organized exhibitions and events at SculptureCenter, Artists Space, and at other institutions in New York, London, and Berlin.