Updates, or C’est la vie and those who say it

With Gabriela Jauregui, Maxwell Paparella & Mónica de la Torre 7:00 p.m. 155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, New York $5, free for members

Triple Canopy is pleased to present an evening of readings with poets Gabriela Jauregui, Maxwell Paparella, and Mónica de la Torre.

It’s all ordinary stuff, poems, litanies, short prose pieces interrupted and rifled through by editorial and other voices. Fleetingness, transitoriness, emptiness, a general unease with respect to narrative and character, indeterminate scale and scope. Cosmetic surgery and so-called beautification practices seem apropos. Painting al fresco implies freshness, something raw, unfinished. And yet: There is hardening, irreversibility. We’re trying to figure out who eventually disposes of the impromptu roadside memorials.

Updates, or C’est la vie and those who say it is part of Triple Canopy’s forthcoming issue Vanitas, which takes its name from the opulent, hyperrealist still-life painting style of the mid-seventeenth century in the Netherlands—symbolizing the brevity of human life and the essential emptiness of earthly goods and pursuits. For this issue, Triple Canopy commissions artists, writers, and scholars to address contemporary conceptions of mortality as well as the delights, illusions, limits, and aesthetic pressures of fleshly existence, from the much-heralded “end of death” to extreme luxury and the pursuit of impossible (or near-impossible) forms of beauty. The futility of human striving meets the efficacy of the algorithm in contemporary culture, prompting us to ask: Is all still vanity?

Updates, or C’est la vie and those who say it is generously supported by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York and Aeroméxico.

  • Gabriela Jauregui is a writer, editor, and translator living in Mexico City. She is the author of Controlled Decay (Akashic Books/Black Goat Press, 2008), a collection of poems; Leash Seeks Lost Bitch (The Song Cave/Sexto Piso, 2015), a chapbook made in collaboration with artists Allison Katz and Camilla Wills; and a short story collection, La memoria de las cosas (Sexto Piso, 2015). Jauregui is co-founder of the publishing collective sur+.
  • Maxwell Paparella lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has given readings and presentations at Microscope Gallery, Global Committee, and Group Huddle, among other venues. His forthcoming YouTube mini-series is called Chef Tastes the Broth.
  • Mónica de la Torre is the author of six books of poetry, including, most recently, The Happy End/All Welcome (Ugly Duckling Presse) and Feliz año nuevo, a volume of selected poetry translated into Spanish by Cristián Gómez (Luces de Gálibo). Born and raised in Mexico City, she translates poetry, writes about art, and is a contributing editor to BOMB Magazine. She teaches in the Literary Arts program at Brown University.