In which all the panorama of growing America is presented with unvarnished charm and forthright simplicity.

Pointing Machines (Collected American Elegance)

by Triple Canopy

Digital Project Published on April 18, 2017

Some Electrified, Some Real

They assemble, in a dignified yet inviting reconstruction of an eighteenth-century southern hunting lodge, works of art whose unique qualities of simplicity, forthright directness, and creative vitality in color and design set them apart as being so indigenous to our country, so genuinely American.

Everything Else
Was for Sale

The rooms have a strange echoing feeling, as if they are missing the most important elements of all: the hand to caress the porcelain lotus, the eye to admire once again the lines of the mahogany secretary. For the hearts of Pokety are gone.

Folk Art for City Folk

The paintings tell us American history not through statistics and facts or even the images of our national heroes, but rather through the faces and surroundings of the simple, strong, proud, and, obviously, art-loving everyday people who made history.

Among Other

The paintings seem almost to have painted themselves, as if the artist were their instrument rather than their maker, the anvil rather than the hammer, and their impact on the viewer is that of a blow from one mind to another.

Stylized Landscape

In the gun room, far from the great hall, with drink in hand, they loved to discuss golf or hunting or sailing, so filling an evening with conversation that it was always with reluctance that everyone finally made their way back to their rooms.

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