“Where instability shits on my normalized I think.” Items appraised and reproduced for transmission, or, a series of materialist poems.

The Twinning Room

by Gwen Muren

Digital Project Published on April 19, 2016






E ee m
E r g o
S u m

Shant reprieve sins for they slurp my kitchen without absolving We in the Maker’s Den. Seems the having is beyond search, beyond loosened judgment face, so even noseless I awake to crushed plum smell. Need it. Need little know who momma is but have no leaf over breast. I me grasping for all the Forty Daddies: brains, hair, bottles, sons, gift all who cannot spin these colored weaves.

Record helpful if
yes follows

Discard unusual
nerve movement

So Rupert’s wind can’t dislodge the faint March bloom? Your cool snatch mine lips open their hungry 2% for lamborghine starvation, cove eyes pine in hearth where shits of hard fast brown open face small way round. Four stapled breasts distend in preparation for 41st daddy who squats before my prostheses milking of lowest perked udder.

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Last pulse angrier deafening. You know the lip side of my teeth to be an alive head slower than those of man turned clockwise in placental daydream. Twins awake plunged in umbilical twist, another erm blue this after suck. The suck becomes infected and even navel fluid cannot erase the Told Heart’s blackness. No Monday nor kelp breeze ascends. Winter is intact. Upon jellied waking, her with forgotten howl cuffs the field.

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Who’s even so firm as that? Sponge anus sips my expansive. Umping strobe color through activated soul-glands festooning the telephone wreaths to become filtered like I. Do you think a beautiful frame needs a small tip lock? One felt an aware seam pulse. Though I know the hollow earth, its people like articulate birds press my head slantwise in their irrevocable fall to puke halo where, without milk, the stress system physicalizes you who I milk for free. Remember the cocks, Lucille. For only you I nourish, and all but you carry the detested stone.

Familiar in deference to unanimous Winter. Acquisition testing past consulting. Usual deployment of currency equipment. Real constructive to strike. Accommodate the impossible oversight.

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not    done

Collected lungg. Where instability shits on my normalized I think, what is gene not presenting, or, why would thrice modes of actin pass me for organic? I’ve made meditation and contentious I has moult so that my me-cloud and night am peligro, generous, asking if parcel comes out impune is that too level an argument to make case study
                                 Theorizing  my  glottal  stop, I consider the roman lesion as one who will not necrose, even when blinking loaf inserts poises crafts further scansion. Intimate threading reimagines my shadow cock as shadow beam. English by leathered contestation, read – what comes by good desire that comes not by Procurialist Limb? How formiesing the Russian at evolutionary tick cock has made an example of vacant cunt. Ought Preeminent I to seek bent upcharge in your rheumatoidal sowing? Gotten bored. Rot value & Don perform desire in quiose sanctions while I with my wise English knife do neither. Truth is am rather nuisance. What counts as swift army, you thinking I am not a verse when I / She misses that thought altogether, or her thinking I am not a thought when aversion does not tip us? Her cognated but I am his first WHY!does shelve cock know where we might fist me in slow thud who is grabbing Richard the Hieroglyph itemizing him foaming reduction that you were the reader who would not tell. The anal chapter articulates hum funnel the eye again reads globus to its nervous incision laughing high when Ingrated Numeral would burst.

respiratory and cost



your disease)

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But that which is heart is no less now. Are eager for treble but clear though good, bulb, art your notices themselves ministry/misery you with the pipe’ed? I have daggers as close against the conceived or tit.ll where, shorn, my razor sun asks if other us are of other grain/guard and do make habit sound. Twain swoll with howl in night and wonder if am lacerated substance, I at your bruis’ed end. In it the who, crease tectonic to cum means I don’t want an other I want you. Do what of myself slice a good friend. Pursue her at ratchet dose, now validate your supply to someone who defends the meridian bore. Of does that night watchman spill my heart as if it wammmmmmm good flap, and so I am early nnn brutaal. Pluck my leek and take coup in knowing that naturalistic affect has plugged my raisin hole is bugging grandmommy to not look up when the Horace shit slings again. I am a mother as beautiful in her child’s womb presenting rhesus monkey with crunching peanut, inside which, a clog.

tissue et. al

tissue et. al

tissue et. al

May you pulse me so I rebirth small chick that caught in anus sought my warmth? I contain him   on six accounts to mellow where   all  sins   digest from me immaculate.




Did the self always should and? Required of is a want – want to perform the spiritual bliss and be assigned/inducted, removedt,     known of by orange window. I wakened to mere perfection, groomed through as though by delicate needle eye make my ascent acerbic and could most fawned.

with reactions




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